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Who Is Behind Building Real Estate In The DC Area?

Posted on May 16, 2016

Washington DC is filled with many class act companies like Franklin L. Haney that are behind building much of the real estate properties in the DC area.
These companies have many years of experience and worth highlighting any time the topic of real estate in DC comes up.
Here are a few of the companies that deserve our attention:

1. Peterson Companies
This company is probably the largest, privately owned real estate company in the DC area. Not only has this company built and leased over 30,000 residential units but it is also responsible for some of the most successful mixed-use projects in Maryland and Northern Virginia.
Some of the projects this company is behind are: Washingtonian Center, National Harbor, and Tysons McLean Office Park.
If you have a project in mind, this company has a large track record that proves that they can handle it.

2. Douglas Development
This company is one of the largest private property owners in all of the Washington DC area. They have a real estate company that has a portfolio that includes commercial office and mixed-use real estate. This company is behind 180 completed redevelopment projects and is one of the main forces in pushing the redevelopment of the DC area.
Some of the projects this company is behind include: China Town’s historic row adjacent to the Verizon Center and Woodward and Lothrop Flagship.
This company has a passion for restoring old projects but is also partaking in more modern development as well.

3. JBG Companies
JBG Companies is based out of Maryland. Though, they are not directly located in Washington DC they own many properties in the area. They are a private firm but specialize in many areas from residential to retail.
Some of the properties owned by JBG Companies include: Marriot Wardman Park, Westlin Arlington Gateway, and Fort Totten Square.

4. Bernstein Companies
Bernstein Companies is an oldie but goodie. It has been around for around 75 years. It is one of the oldest real estate development groups in the Washington DC area. Their portfolio currently includes around 3 million square feet of the Mid-Atlantic region. Their greatest emphasis is the Washington DC area and Annapolis, Maryland.
Bernstein Companies properties include: Ballston Tower, quite a few Marriot hotels, and 1990K St. NW.
These are just a few of the real estate development companies helping to rejuvenate the Washington DC area. They all have a great tract record for rebuilding such a beautiful place.