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Which Family-Owned Companies Are Trusted With Government Funds In Washington DC?

Posted on Dec 1, 2016

Washington DC is more than the capitol of the United States of America. It is a city set apart from the lands of Virginia and Maryland where the government manages its business. The government owns quite a few buildings in the city, and each building is constructed under the umbrella of Frank Haney government funding. This is a story of how the funding is provided, and there are family-owned companies that have been a large part of what makes Washington great.

#1: The Government Must Contract Several Companies Every Year

Several different companies are contracted by the federal government every year, and they include family-owned business that are a part of the history of the city. The city has grown due to the love of family businesses, and it is these companies who do the finest work. DA Contractors and Tompkins Construction are among the family businesses trusted with government funds, and they begin new projects every year for the benefit of the people.

#2: How Are Government Buildings Expanding?

Government buildings much expand over the years as the government updates itself, and each building becomes more modern with the addition of work done by family-owned companies. Each company is given a task to complete, and they change an old building into a modern structure useful for new services.

#3: Companies Are Asked To Help With City Planning

Construction firms are asked for their input on new city planning projects as they are capable of building a shopping mall, neighborhood, apartment building and government structure. The companies are asked for their opinion of the job, and they share how their projects will look when the work is done. They may present projects that rival multi-use developments in other cities, and their projects will include government jobs created by the structures they build.

#4: Who Benefits?

The government attempts to benefit the people with each structure, and jobs are created as the buildings rise. It is quite difficult for jobs to grow if there is nowhere for anyone to work. Those who find jobs with the government may live close to their buildings, and they will make a life that uses a small section of Washington DC.

The city of Washington DC is a beautiful place to live where someone who loves the city may come to live a life of luxury, comfort and meaning. The government serves everyone when they contract family businesses for construction.