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When You Need A Headhunter In Our Nation’s Capital

Posted on Jun 27, 2016

There are times when you need a headhunter in our nation’s Capital of Washington DC, whether you are looking to fill an important position that has just opened up, or you are a well-qualified job candidate in search of a new gig. This is where the gears of progress are carefully restrained and controlled. There are every kind of operator here, as well. That is why you want to do a bit of research before you decide on which head hunter is right for your situation.

It is impossible to list all the seasoned, senior, and most qualified recruiters in the DC area here. But, here is a selection of six of the best rated and who are often recommended by their clients, in no particular order:

CT Partners
-Laura (Retzler) Wigglesworth
-Ricardo Williams
-HimaBindu Ammireddy
-Spencer Stuart
Nels Olson

Recruiter: CT Partners

They have a great deal of experience and a very long reach, in that they have offices in several cities of the U.S. and in a number of foreign offices. They often fill top-level executive positions in 124 days, and they can prove it. Find out more on

Recruiter: Laura (Retzler) Wigglesworth

Laura maintains more than 20K connections with people all over the world. For over 15 years she has worked with companies and individuals in 50 countries. She has a heart for social justice and helping struggling nations.

Recruiter: Ricardo Williams

Mr. Williams is long experienced with many companies of the Fortune 1000, Big-Four Accounting firms, finance houses, and the MBA. He has some kind of miracle worker vibe, because he is great at quickly finding the ideal candidate to exactly fill a requirement. He is a constantly high-win performer.

Recruiter: HimaBindu Ammireddy

An executive recruiter who has employed innovative techniques to reaching the right candidates; some that have paid off perfectly. He is said to be the best, so get in touch with him and find out what “close touch” recruiting is all about.

Recruiter: Spencer Stuart

This is a most-popular DC-area head hunter company. They use only very well educated recruiters and they have an army of 300 of them. In the U.S., Spencer Stuart is relied upon by government, business, and NGOs. See more on:

Recruiter: Savoy Partners

An older firm that for more than 30 years has shown great skill in finding managers for any size and type of organization. They work as a Managing Director Team with very close-touch relationships with their top-level clients. Find out more on: