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What Do The Top DC Head Hunters Look For?

Posted on Oct 2, 2015

The top DC head hunters like Nels Olson are looking for people who fit a certain profile. You need to know what people in DC if you want to make it in over many years, and you need to keep track of what head hunters are looking for when they search for executives. Keep reading so you can find out what it is like to be found by a head hunter in Washington DC.

A Broad Resume

Head hunters in DC want to see people with broad resumes. You may have many interests and only one job. The head hunters are going to look at your interests, and you may be chosen simply because you fit the profile they like. Do not pigeonhole yourself by having no interests and one job. At the very least you should have a resume that took you to mane different companies over the years.

Willingness To Listen

You should never turn down a chance to talk with a headhunter. You could find yourself looking at the best job of your life if you would just talk to the head hunter. Turning down a chance to interview for a better job could mean that you are not getting other interviews in the future. The head hunter will assume you do not want to be bothered, and you could lose out.

Willingness To Change

You cannot ignore a new job opportunity simply because it does not fit your expectations. The new job you are looking at may pay better, have more security and be better for your family. You need to listen to a head hunter, and you need to allow the headhunter to explain to you what it would be like going to this new company. Your willingness to change to a new industry or new company could be the thing that gets you the job.

People who are looking for jobs in Washington DC need to be sure that they are making themselves as attractive to head hunters as possible. Someone who has aggressively worked on their resume will be attractive, and someone who is willing to listen to offers is going to get more offers. You may not take every offer you are given, but you will likely find the one offer that is going to mean the most to you. Surviving in DC means that you are willing to change so that you can have the best career possible.