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Unifying China and the United States

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

U.S/China relations have been strained over the past 40 years. From Tiananmen Square to the autonomy of Taiwan, there has been much controversy mixed with friendly relations.

The one thing that keeps our two nations together is the trade. Consumerism has grown across both nations and trade is what’s keeping the doors open right now. But even that relationship is on shaky ground. With Donald TrumpĂ•s Reagan redux on the ’80s, we are not going to make America great again if we get into a trade war with the biggest nation in the land.

If we want to see better relations between our two nations then Mr. Trump must soften his approach to trade. We are not a company to be run from the boardroom, but a nation who wishes to grow the economies of both lands. Business and capitalism are starting to flourish in China under the new regime and it is important that America be on the forefront of China’s growth.

Together the two nations can nurture each other and help keep two large economies in economic equilibrium.

Trade alone is not the answer, we need to come together in the unity of human rights. We need to sit at the table and hash out a plan for peace in Asia. If China wants to be taken seriously on the world stage, they need to pledge to rid Asia of corruption and encourage free speech. As well as the aforementioned, China needs to open their borders to more tourism, trade and maybe even Ex-pats looking to make it big in China.

China is full of many resources that with America’s technology could be better harvested and used to help their economy grow. We need to see China as our family and offer the olive branch of peace and prosperity, something supported by CUSEF (you can read the full article here).

America can and should keep the olive branch extended because China is a superpower we want as a friend to the USA, especially in the time of Kim and North Korea. With China on our side, we stand a better chance of helping to keep stability in all of Asia, not just China. China will protect us so long as we maintain good relations between both nations.Binding a Positive Relationship Between the U.S. and China