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Top Washington DC Executive recruiters and Where to Find Them

Posted on Mar 9, 2017

Finding a company that can do head hunting is difficult enough. This is especially true of one that can find good executive level professionals. Therefore, it is imperative to find one that has an established reputation like Nels Olson. There are millions of executive level professionals looking for work today. This is good news for job placement companies looking for qualified professionals. Many executive recruiting companies will specialize in an area. Such as accounting, medical or the airline field. The following are a few of the top executive recruiters from the Washington DC area.

Lucas Group
Lucas group has been in the game since 1970. They specialize in recruiting executives for human resources, finance, accounting, sales, legal, manufacturing, and technology. In fact, Lucas group has become so successful that they even have exclusive contracts to supply top quality employees for corporations such as The Wall Street Journal. They even offer tailored services for those candidates wishing to fill leadership positions. The company has an office in the DC area.

Heidrich & Struggles
This company is unique for a talent search company. That’s because they not only help find executives but also people qualified to fill leadership positions. This even includes finding CEO’s. The company has been around since the 1950’s. They have offices and recruiters all over the world. Therefore, you have a wide range of talent to choose from. The website is made to be user-friendly for those who looking to hire as well as those looking to get hired.

Spencer Stuart
As mentioned before, some recruiters specialize in certain areas. Spencer Stuarts specialize mostly in Education, non-profit and government sectors and a few other areas. Like Heidrich and Struggles, Spencer Stuart also has quite an international presence. With offices in 27 major industrialized countries, they have access to world-class talent. But this does not mean they have forgotten local talent as well. This company truly straddles both local as well as international talent.

Finally, the Boyden group is included on this list. Yes, they do have offices all over the world like the above-mentioned recruiters. But the main reason why they are making it on this list is because they are good at finding temporary executives, specializing in specific areas. This is very convenient for companies who do not need someone long term. They call this the Boyden Interim Management Solutions. This is a popular service for both start-ups as well as established companies.