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Top Veteran-Friendly Companies in the United States

Posted on Sep 26, 2017

Veterans are vital individuals with significant long time military service experience. Veteran-friendly companies have in time received recognition for their irrefutable part in honoring veterans. United States Veteran Magazine takes special account of the top nation’s employers that actively and diligently attribute veterans in the society. The companies creatively acquire, grow and develop veteran’s skills to add as assets. Most prominent companies named for their work in the top 100 veteran friendly companies in 2017 include but are not limited to:

Atlantic Diving Supply – This Virginia Based company provides the safest, most advanced operational military equipment for the US military, federal agencies and first responders. The company has a well spring of employee programs uniquely designed to provide flattering and dynamic work place environment. The company adopts competitive personal recognition awards promoting hard work. It has incorporated balanced work life initiatives favorable for ADS veterans, their families and society. The care programs are unbiased, educative, and inspirational. The programs are meant to strengthen the backbone of a veteran’s self-actualization and satisfaction through maximum potential exploitation.

Honeywell Company– this organization received recognition for its proficient role in having the highest percentage of new recruits with military backgrounds. Its outstanding efforts in recruiting, supporting and incorporating service members have pulled in a considerable work force of highly diversified skills and competences. It absorbs veterans into new career opportunities in which they are able to polish their skills and abilities in a strong work ethic and values environment. It eases the veteran’s transition and adoption into normal working life. Veterans are incorporated in achieving the mandate of providing solutions that improve the quality of life.

First Data Company- the Company is a stronghold for economic growth and development fostering community improvement. It provides applicable entrepreneurial solutions and resources for veteran owned businesses. The critical role it plays in excelling enterprises and ventures owned by veterans through the provision of abundant business support education, skills and practices, placed the company on the spotlight for the prestigious award.

The US Veteran Magazine and the local societies recognize and applaud the most remarkable hard work of the top 100 nominated veteran-friendly companies. These Companies help veterans focus on healthy lives after military. The magazine thoroughly evaluates and analyses credible information of works and programs collected that drive positive impact and proficiently supplement veterans in the society and work environments.