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Top DC Head Hunters and Where to Find Them

Posted on Jul 28, 2016

A number of employers use executive recruitment services to assist them in filling their most prestigious positions. For those looking for a high-level, executive position–working with headhunters can be extremely advantageous (and highly lucrative). By establishing a relationship with headhunters in the DC area, you are more likely to land a job assignment that matches your professional background and offers the salary you are looking for. Generally, building a solid relationship with local recruitment agencies (before you begin looking for a new job) does take some time–don’t expect to nab a six-figure salary position right after submitting your resume! Here are a few tips and suggestions to assist you in the process of ingratiating yourself with some of DC’s finest executive recruitment services.

Finding the right agency:

With so many recruitment agencies in the area, it can be difficult to judge which one(s) is best-suited towards your particular needs. Below, we have listed some of DC’s best candidates for expanding your career horizons.

The Lucas Group:

The Lucas Group, founded in 1970, started as a one-man operation devoted to finding military and ex-military workers jobs. The company has grown to become on of DC’s largest providers of executive-level jobs in DC and beyond.

JDG Associates:

JDG Associates is ranked as one of DC’s most prestigious executive recruitment firms. With a myriad of positions being offered in some of DC’s most sought after companies, JDG Associates continues to provide local job-seekers with the level of professionalism they need in order to find success.

The McCormick Group:

The McCormick Group strives to offer executive-level opportunities to often under-represented demographics. The company is noted for being DC’s premiere executive recruitment office for the LGBT community, minority executives, and other, sometimes persecuted groups.

This list is not a comprehensive selection of what DC has to offer, but it is a great place to start. Begin by submitting your resume to the companies listed above and do not be afraid to use Google to locate additional, local recruitment agencies. Your goal should be to showcase your resume to as many potential companies as possible.

After having submitted your resume, the next stage will be developing a relationship with the recruiter that has been put in charge of your account. By establishing a working relationship with your headhunter, you are going to ensure that when a position you are qualified for does become available–you will be fresh in their mind and more likely to be chosen for an interview.

Remember to stay involved with Nels Olson your recruitment agent! A rule of thumb is to check in with them at least once every two months to stay on their radar. If they have set you up with an interview in the past, it is a good idea to keep in touch more often. Remember, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.

If you happen to notice a position you feel you are a good candidate for that is not being handled by your chosen representatives, do not be afraid to bring the position up with your recruiter. There is a good chance your agent will be able to contact their HR department and setup an interview. The majority of executive search agencies are commission-based positions. Regardless of the method they use to locate an open position and the employee to fill it–they will earn money for the sale.