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Top 4 Executive Search Firms In Washington

Posted on Jan 5, 2016

When it comes to locating and hiring executive employees within Washington DC, businesses cannot afford to overlook the abundance of benefits that are associated with executive recruiting services. While it may be true that a firm cannot guarantee a candidate’s long-term success, firms like Nels Olson’s Korn Ferry can significantly augment the likelihood of that. Here are 4 of the most highly rated executive recruitment firms that provides services to companies that operate in the Washington, DC area.

1) Amrop Battalia Winston

Amrop Battalia Winston has acquired a reputation for being one of the most effective firms within Washington due to the fact that provide their clients with context driven executive search services. This international firm has access to several thousands resumes and can help professionals like you, when it comes to hiring high performing executives from various locations around the world, regardless if your office is in Washington. Some of the industry groups that they specialize in, include:

• Health Care Services
• Legal
• Financial
• Risk
• Consumer
• Compliance
• Non-profit
• Media And Entertainment
• Technology

2) Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart is another popular international headhunting firm that operates in several different countries. In addition to their offices in Washington, DC, they have approximately 52 offices in 27 different countries. They have been regarded as being one of the world’s leading search firms and is a popular choice among America’s top fortune 500 companies. Some of the industries that they specialize in, include:

• Education
• Nonprofit
• Government
• Consumer
• Business and Professional Services
• Media
• Telecommunications
• Life Sciences
• Private Equity
• Energy
• Financial Services

3) Diversified Search

Another firm whose reach spans internationally but accommodates business owners in Washington, DC is called Diversified Search. Diversified Search has been known to provide some of the highest quality services in the industry and specialize in several different industries. A large part of the reason why they have been so successful is due to the extensive amount of experience that each of their consultants consist of. For example, Joseph A. Frick is a leading consultant for this company that has over 25 years of related experience or Cynthia P. Barth who has 14 years experience and has been regarded as being one of the leading consultants for the health care industry.

4) DHR International

One of the more popular firms that are on this list is DHR International. This is a privately owned firm that has been successfully providing its service to Washington business owners for over 20 years. Since then, they have expanded their offices to most major cities around the globe. Part of the reason behind their success is the fact that they have several incredibly successful and well known consultants that each specialize in various industries such as Robert L Clayton, who specializes in education and diversity, Julia Eakes who specializes in consumer, venture capital, private equity and retail for example.