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There are several major real estate developers in the DC area

Posted on Jul 28, 2016

DC is one of the fastest-growing parts of the United States. Thousands of people move to the metro area every year in search of amazing opportunities. The jobs in this area are high paying, and real estate developers are making a fortune. DC is home to several excellent real estate developers.

Peterson Companies is an extremely large privately owned real estate development companies in the DC metro area. They offer fully integrated development services, and they are very happy to help with office, residential, commercial, and retail real estate. The company has a long legacy. They have developed and managed more than 30,000 residential units. They are also responsible for some of the largest mixed-use facilities in the DC metro area. Peterson Companies is widely considered a powerful force in the DC metro area.

There are multiple powerful developers throughout the DC metro area. PN Hoffman Associates is another influential name in the DC development community. They are known for their residential and mixed-use buildings. They carry out every part of their developments. From the planning phase to construction and selling the facility. PN Hoffman has built more than 23 developments throughout the DC metro area. They have developed a great reputation because every development is known for their high-quality developments.

Clark Construction is another influential real estate developer. They are a national company, but they focus on the metro area. Clark Construction primarily focuses on developing residential properties. Clark has built numerous luxury apartment complexes, mixed-use communities, and military housing. The company has a large portfolio of award-winning communities. Clark Construction has developed several great properties throughout the Metro area. These properties include Walter Reed hospital and the United States Coast Guard Headquarters. Clark has an amazing reputation throughout the country including the metro area.

Lerner Enterprises is an extremely powerful real estate development company. They develop all types of real estate, including residential, retail, hotel, commercial, and mixed-use facilities. They mostly focus on retail properties, and they have developed several important retail locations within the DC metro area. For example, the developed the Annapolis Harbor Center. Lerner is a major leader in the DC real estate community, and they are well-positioned for the future.

There are always development projects in the DC metro area, and the real estate developers in this area are up to the task. DC should continue to see growth for years to come, and the citizens of the area are sure to benefit from this growth.