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The U.S. and China: Necessary Allies

Posted on Dec 6, 2018

Being the regional powers in their respective areas, both countries have considerable economic and political hegemony. This makes their relationship all the more important as that relationship impacts not just the U.S and China, but the entire world at large, something the organization CUSEF strongly supports bettering.

United States – The Global Superpower

The U.S is the sole global superpower with the worldÕs largest economy and vast land mass. To give you an idea, 80% of all financial transactions around the world occur in U.S dollars; this statistic speaks volumes about the strength of the U.S currency and the stability it represents.

With an annual defense spending of 37% of the global spending on defense, the U.S has the best soldiers, the best weapons, and the best training. So much so that countries hire the U.S army. It also has the biggest nuclear arsenal.

China-The Dragon of the East:

China may not be a global superpower, but it is definitely a regional superpower. Through its astounding economic growth throughout the past decades, the communist country has been able to surpass Japan and Germany to hold the second spot in the world top economy rankings.

Aside from the miraculous economic development, China achieved hegemony in the region by taking part in political issues. Be it Korea or Vietnam – China has been an active player in the politics in Asia. It is the unofficial leader of the largest continent on Earth, so China’s opinion does matter.

The Way Forward:

Relations between the two countries have not always been smooth. With times of relative peace punctuated by times of high tensions, the two have not always been on the same page when it comes to politics. There have been times when the two have found themselves in direct opposition to the other’s stance.

We live in an increasingly unstable and unpredictable world. With the global crisis and the threat of terrorism, along with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the need for stability is increasingly dire. A united front against climate change, terrorism, human rights violations, etc. is needed to make our world a better place for everyone to live in.

A conflict-filled world is a desirable thing. If there is anything we have learned from the era of the Cold Wars, it is that two powerful nations fighting with each other can never have positive results. We need to learn from history and not repeat it, and this means the U.S and China must forge a relationship based on trust and a willingness to cooperate, instead of competing with each other.