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The Shoes Of A CEO

Posted on Aug 4, 2015

A CEO in Washington has a very powerful position in their company. CEO’s like Nels Olson have the responsibility of what a company should undergo without being unfair or too fair to some of their employees. They also have the main drive of a company’s failure or success without the availability of what will determine these factors being absent to deal with on a regular basis.

Being a CEO is not as easy as some may imagine it to be. There are a lot of different challenges that a CEO faces on a daily basis that the average employee may not even know about. They are the heart of the company and what keeps it going. This means that when the company is thriving and when it is failing it all falls on the CEO for their performance. The following are some of the challenges that a CEO in Washington faces:


CEO’s have to have a third eye when it comes to being futuristic and innovative to avoid their business from sinking in the market. While they do this they also have to apply innovation in order to compete with other companies and win over them at the same time.

Compliance, litigation, and regulation with the local government
The law in Washington is evolving at a very low pace that is why most of these companies have a big budget and go all out when it comes to consultants and attorneys. The money inflicted to this channel is acquired from various wings of operation in the company therefore it is the CEO’s solo responsibility to make sure the company does not over do this. This may lead to political friction within the organization between the members of interest in the company.

Recruitment and the excellence of employees

This might sound like a simple stress free zone when it comes to it being executed but truth be told it is one of the hardest and most tough positions to run and achieve maximum yields out of. Therefore a CEO finds this obligation quite tough and has to go by the rule of no biasm apart from pure performance excellence, this might result in friction with the board of governors for it takes time to implement and place the structure running, hence affect the organization in general.