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The Partnership of the United States and China

Posted on Aug 27, 2018

China United States Exchange Foundation, Students, Professionals, academics, and tourists bring the United States of America and China closer together every day. There are several students that come from China to the United States to study in our environment. Several students also travel to China from the United States to study abroad and learn in a different environment. The American students take this opportunity to learn the Mandarin language while studying abroad. The different cultures of students like the benefits of learning in a different atmosphere from what they are normally used to.

The United States and China have an extremely large economic relationship and partnership. They are the World’s largest trading partners. America supports China to enter the World Trade Organization. They also have the World’s most bilateral relationship.

The trade relationship between the United States and China began back when George Washington was the President of the United States back in the year 1845. During the Pacific War and until Richard Nixon had taken a trip to China in the year 1972, there was a twenty-five-year gap in the relationship between the United States and China because the communist government in China had taken over. When Richard Nixon took his trip to China, he regained and continues the relationship between the two countries. Richard Nixon was the President of the United States during this period. Every year since then, whoever the United States President may be, they make it a point to go over a visit China since they have continued their trading partnership.

As of the year 2017, the United States and China have the world’s largest economies. The United States has the largest economy, and China has the second largest economy. The jobs that are out there in these two countries are beginning to disappear. The leaders of the two countries are working together to figure out how they can sustain employment in both countries. Even though the leader of the United States is trying to prohibit immigration into United States, he is allowing the Chinese workers to come over and work to support their families.

Education and training are also a recommended approach for the working individual. Training and education will up the rate of job security in a job field that they are trained to do. A lot of people will work in jobs without proper education and training. These people are not guaranteed to keep their position because they do not have the education that others do.