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The Future Of The U.S-China Relationship

Posted on Aug 6, 2018

The relationship between China and America is a hot topic today. Trade disputes are stirring tension between the countries, and there are no signs this is going to stop. The future of U.S.-China relations seems to be rocky, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The two countries have vast economies with many links between them. Those bonds are the result of decades of business, and they remain strong despite controversy. Maintaining a good relationship can help both countries grow and prosper. China wouldn’t be where it is today without America, but America must still give China credit for its contributions.

The most obvious benefit of good international relations is trade. China manufactures many of the goods Americans consume, and these goods are often cheap. Americans would have to pay astronomically higher prices to obtain the same goods they enjoy at low prices today. American companies provide much of the world’s innovation, but they can’t experiment if entrepreneurship becomes costly. The controversy over trade threatens this economic symbiosis, and it may even cause permanent damage. Trade disputes often lead to other problems down the road. As economic woes grow, tensions in other areas rise as well.

The economic rise of China has led to prominence in other domains. The Chinese influence over other countries continues to grow, and it’s important America keeps in touch with the future world leader. In international affairs, it’s always best to have as many friends as you can. Going forward, America can use its relationship with China to improve its standing. If we maintain ties with China, we can maintain ties with the countries China is connected to. The future relationship between the U.S and China will influence our potential for diplomacy. Keeping that connection will serve both countries well.

No country is an island, and we thrive when we work with the global ecosystem. The relationship between China and the U.S has brought prosperity to both countries and is highly supported by organizations such as CUSEF. The economic growth of China can help America, but we’re going to need to keep good relations with them going forward. The trade disputes need to come to halt because they benefit neither country. What will serve both countries well is finding common ground. If we can find ways to improve each others’ economy, there is a way to preserve future relations. In general, powerful economies do well when they work together instead of fighting.