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The Crossover Between DC Government And Private Real Estate

Posted on Mar 18, 2016

There are many companies operating in Washington DC that provide construction services in the city, but these companies are working quite hard for lucrative government contracts every year. New contracts are given to companies that prove they are capable of completing each job quickly, and companies like Frank L Haney Construction are helping redevelop Washington DC properly. This article explains how the development of the city is changing because of its construction giants.

#1: How Many Government Contracts Exist?

New government contracts for real estate are released every year, and these contracts create new housing for indigent citizens of the city, government work areas and government expansion. The federal government is the largest employer in the city, and new buildings must be completed every year to ensure that the government may continue operating as normal. A construction company that operates in the same manner as DynCorp or Sundance may be able to garner one or more of these contracts, but the contracts must be built quickly.

#2: Why Must Contracts Move Quickly?

The government only has so much money to spend on each project, and money that is not spent is often lost the very next year. A construction company that is capable of completing a project in just a few months will easily get another contract in the future. Government workers who award these contracts are happy to spend their budgets quickly, and planning for the next year may commence.

#3: Who Plans These Buildings?

The city of Washington DC works with the federal government on city development. Much room is set aside to help expand the city, but the city must approve projects designed by the federal government. Construction companies that often work with the government tend to have many jobs going at the same time. One might see a new apartment building go up across the street from a new government document processing center. The two combined help create a new neighborhood, and a construction that was awarded both projects gives citizens a brand new place to live.

Government contracts for real estate in Washington DC only go to companies that are prepared to begin work immediately. The government must spend its money quickly, and the finest companies in the city are prepared to begin construction on structures that will allow the government to release further contracts. Washington only grows as quickly as construction firms can complete their current contracts.