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Successful Family Owned Real Estate Development Companies In D.C.

Posted on Dec 5, 2017

Despite the low inventory, the Washington D.C. region is currently the 3rd most-active housing markets in the nation. There are many family owned real estate development companies that call Washington D.C. their home. Many handle government property development to help improve government owned real estate all over the region. A lot of family-owned real estate companies strive to provide excellent work and are knowledgeable in implementing “green” project ideals. Due to the fact that these “family” companies work and live in Washington D.C., it is important to them that they make an impact on the community in which they live. This means paying extra attention in water conservation, appliances and insulation, lighting, energy efficiency and the use of biodegradable products.

Family owned development companies only use contractors whom are experienced and accredited. Whether they are working on a residential or commercial project, they will meet all local, state and federal requirements. Family owned development companies focus on creating amazing real estate projects while training their employees to practice safe and efficient maintenance and operation of the buildings.

Frank Haney is one of the companies that develops, builds and advises their clients about their project. The company is founded by Frank Haney Sr. who works closely with his son Frank Haney Jr. They are one of the nation’s leading real estate development companies. JBG Construction Management has done over $1 billion in managed construction projects. Their company is based on integrity and trust and can transform any bathroom, kitchen or basement into something outstanding.

Buchanan Partners are the experts when it comes to residential and commercial projects that specialize in green initiatives. They are currently active in over 11 districts of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. Douglas Development Corporation has been redeveloping buildings in Washington D.C. since 1985. Not only do they develop extraordinary buildings, they have experience in leasing and management, finance, entitlement and acquisition selection.

Family owned development companies employ the best of the best architects, historical consultants, brokers and construction managers. They can help you preserve and restore residential and commercial buildings throughout the D.C. region.