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Resource America Is Acquired by C-III Capital Partners LLC

Posted on Dec 6, 2016

Capital Partners is a company specializing in investments in the field of commercial real estate. They have added Resource America to their holdings as of September of 2016, and their stock will no longer be available. Their stockholders will share $207 million dollars. Each share has a value of $9.78.

The CEO of Capital is Andrew L. Farkas, and he sees the acquisition as being transformative. They are now able to provide solutions in the field of both real estate and equity to the investors in retail. He feels this assures their growth and their ability to serve the companies clients.

By combining Capitol with Resource America, a diversity within the market for commercial real estate has been created. This has also broadened the platform regarding their investments. Capitol is now able to manage more than $13 billion dollars in assets. They are also servicing $79 billion dollars regarding loans of a commercial nature. Capitol is also handling over 57,000 apartments throughput the United States.

The merger has added two separate investment companies to Capitol’s portfolio and will provide leverage within the infrastructure. This is done through an independent network designed for brokers. The clients of Capitol including mortgage services, real estate and financial will still be receiving the high quality service they have become accustomed to.

Capital Partners is one of the top investment services for both management and property. Their services cover a broad spectrum. Capital is able to take care of CMBS loans that have become defaulted. This encompasses $79 billion dollars’ worth of real estate loans. This is because they are one of the biggest servers in the mortgage industry inside the United States. An additional $4 billion dollars is managed by Capital and is focused on a wide range of products, including investing, real estate, funds for debt, and private REIT’s.

Since Capital began in 2010, $5.2 billion dollars have been brought in for the servicing of mortgages and for the management of funds. This has led to about $10 billion dollars acquired in CMBS bonds.

Capital has over 375 offices throughout the world, more than 6,700 professionals on their team and manages property with an equivalent of more than 380 million square feet. They have also brought in $1.7 trillion dollars in assets. Capital is based out of Texas.