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Real estate startup raises serious cash

Posted on Feb 1, 2016

An investment in real estate can be an ideal way to see an impressive rate of return on any capital. Real estate investing allows people invest an investment that is likely to both retain value in a recession and increase in value in favorable market. When investing in real estate, many people find it very helpful to have the help of outside officials. An investor can turn to companies that specialize in this field in order to figure out where best to place their capital and how to make sure that such capital will be used effectively. The right kind of real estate investment can allow any investor to diversify their portfolio.

A real estate investment can also help anyone have a business investment that is likely to be ideal at tax time, as such investments are often taxed at a lower rate than other kinds of income. Many people are happy to turn to professionals for assistance. This is one of many reasons why a prominent New York City based real estate startup has been able to raise a great deal of cash in recent rounds of funding. Cadre, run by some of the most admired real estate investors in the region, has been very successful at raising funds. Those funding the startup know that they are investing in the skills of those in charge of the startup and their skills in spotting potential investment opportunity in this part of the world. Cadre’s board includes Andrew Farkas of Island Capital, as well as Michael Fascitelli, former CEO of Vornado Realty Trust.

Those who have chosen to invest in this startup know they can rely on the leaders of the firm here to help them locate potential many kinds of spaces that might be otherwise overlooked by those who are not as familiar with the real estate market in this part of the world. They are able to help investors figure out where best to place their investment dollars through the use of current real estate techniques that take advantage of an understanding of multiple factors including existing mortgage rates, projects that are in progress and the kind of deals that have been made in recent weeks. The company in question aims to provide a means of linking up those investors with cash on hand with the right kind of deal for their specific aims and goals. Such marketing has been highly successful, allowing the company to attract new capital and work with existing clients at the same time.