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Raise Your Real Estate Value In California

Posted on May 18, 2016

Raising real estate value in San Diego is a basic premise that may be used across America. San Diego is a unique city where it hardly ever rains, the sun shines nearly all the time and there is a large tourism sector. Property owners in the area must operate in similar manner to someone such as Than Merrill. The finest house flippers in the are working on several different levels to make their properties more valuable, and this article explains how any house may jump in value with help from the homeowner.

#1: Every Home Must Look Beautiful

A home becomes more beautiful with a great paint job, and changing the paint job on the home may make quite a difference when it comes time to sell or rent. Renters and buyers are attracted to pretty colors, and the sunshine in San Diego suggests many lovely pastels that will help a home come off the market quickly. Painting the house every few years will help increase the value of the property, and a proper color may be updated rather than changed in the years to come.

#2: The Home Must Be Upgraded Properly

Proper upgrades to a home include a change of the appliances in the kitchen, fixtures in the bathrooms and lighting throughout the home. The changes made to these three major outlets are the most valuable in any home, and it is quite important that property owners are willing to improve everything over the course of a few years. Consistent improvements to a home will see the value rise over time, and the home will never drop in value again. Even a poor home market will not see a significant drop in value for a home that has been improved by the owner.

#3: Consistent Occupancy

Every home that is on the market in San Diego with a flipper such as John Goodell is occupied more often than not. Occupancy makes the home seem more desirable, and people who have been waiting to get into the home will jump at the opportunity to rent or purchase the home if it ever hits the market. Homes that are not often occupied tend to fall off the radar because buyers and renters assume there must be trouble with the property.

The San Diego real estate market is quite flexible when property owners take care of their homes. Small upgrades today will result in large dividends tomorrow.