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Places to Shoot Photos for Your Business

Posted on Feb 24, 2014

Places to Shoot Photos for Your Business

There is a large demand for good commercial photography when it comes to business advertising. Face it…advertising is everything. That one perfect photo paired with the proper logo, can make or break a company. With the help and artistic creativity of the right photographer, proper branding can catapult a business to the next level – making it a household name. 

The right advertisement can take a hometown company international. It can distinguish its own superior services or products from its competitors, and good photography can be one of the determining factors in increasing worth of the company’s goods or services eg. your company can charge more. But just as it is important for your company to flourish and grow, it is also of significance to support businesses in the communities around you.With the economy the way it is, it’s understandable why some companys have to outsource work, but remember that supporting the commerce of local businesses is essential as well.Take for instance, Jason Meek Photography, 585 Wells Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 30312. This photographer does everything from a soldiers homecoming story – to conventional Photo Mayhem Projects – to fabulous landscape photos. So whether you’re a builder who needs to show the process of developing natural land, to the product of finished houses, or a retail store that needs photos of men dressed in the latest Dockers that are on sale, this company can get the job done.

For more specific shoots geared toward architectural projects, try The Rose Studio. Formerly New York based, The Rose Studio, located at 820 Fox Hollow Run, Milton, Georgia, 30004, specializes in the photography of interiors, exteriors, architectural products, and environmental portraits, catering to the hospitality industry, architectural and design firms, corporations, and advertising agencies. They have a phenominal website…The city of Milton is a little over 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta.

There’s also Charles Huguley Photography, located at 865 Clifton Road, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, 30307 in the heart of Atlanta. This photographer specializes in still photography, with a focus on product pictures and company ventures. Mr. Huguley has a degree in Art History and graduated from Emory University.

Jason Hale Photography is located at 1103 Atlantic Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. This photographer specializes in photographing men’s apparel…whether it is on a model, or simply shot with props with a great backdrop, the Jason Hale Photography company is a class act. Mr. Hale repertoire also consists of art and travel photography, community projects, and romantic advertising scenarios, as well as weddings.

With so much talent in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, you can’t go wrong!