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Overview of the Top Commercial Real Estate Firms in Washington D.C.

Posted on Nov 16, 2016

Our Nation’s capital, Washington D. C has seen a resurgence in commercial real estate in the last few years. With so much business being conducted there, it is ripe for new properties and construction. With everyone thinking about the environment and efficient working spaces, it is important to find one that meets your requirements. Here is a brief review of the top real estate companies operating today. A link to each company is provided for more detailed information.

1. Peterson Companies

As one of the largest private real estate and redevelopment companies, Peterson has developed a variety of commercial and mixed use properties that cater to the work-life balance concept. In the Maryland and Northern Virginia areas they are well known for projects such as National Harbor, Virginia Gateway and Downtown Silver Springs to name a few. Ontario 17 for example in the Frank Haney’s neighborhood contains 9,000 square feet of retail space and 80 residential units. Visit their website to see more properties and unique ideas.

2. PN Hoffman and Associates

Since 1993, PN Hoffman and their associates and subsidiaries have designed, built, sold and marketed mixed use and residential properties in the Washington D. C. area and has been selected to develop the Washington Southwest Waterfront. Visit their website to see some of the current and past projects such as The Wharf, Waterfront Station, Union Row – The Warehouse and The Alta. There are many commercial and residential examples to explore.

3. Douglas Development

With a portfolio of commercial, residential and mixed use options, since 1985 Douglas has the desire and dream to preserve and redesign historical buildings including the Woodward and Lothrop building and Chinatown Row. Take a look at the innovations at the Wonderbread Factory. the Uline Arena, or The Citadel with a mix of residential and retail space to see the creativity from executives with more than 50 years of combined experience and knowledge.

4. Clark Construction

This fully integrated company serves capital markets, development and construction in addition to property and investment management. As builders for luxury apartments, military family housing and mixed use properties featured coast to coast, they are nationally recognized. Locally you can appreciate the US Coast Guard Headquarters, Inova Women and Children’s Hospital, Walter Reed Hospital and The National Museum of African American History and Culture. Their motto is “Building the World Around Us” and they are doing that and more in many markets.

5. Lerner Enterprises

Think about the Dulles Town Center, Fallsgrove Village Center, Annapolis Harbour Center or The Spectrum at Reston Town Center and you think of Lerner. A family owned company since 1952, they have kept up with the changing times in real estate development and management in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas. Review their portfolio, current works in progress and their numerous awards for outstanding contributions.

These are just of few of the top companies in the Washington D. C area that are prominent contributors to the landscape and changing face of business in the capital. Each company has a unique approach to offer and the talented and experienced people to fulfill their goals.