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New Jobs Coming to the State of Kentucky

Posted on Oct 22, 2019

Five companies were given wage assessments and tax incentives through the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority. These growing companies have agreed to certain investment levels and will be employing 1600 people in Kentucky. Here are a few of the new jobs coming to the state of Kentucky.

Air cargo company Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc. is relocating to Erlanger. The new operations center is close to the Northern Kentucky International Airport. They currently have over 300 employees and plan to add another 600 employees by 2021.

Lexington will have a new call center which will need 450 employees. Faneuil Inc. serves the market with customer service. Active clients are in government, transportation, retail, tolling, and retail.

El Toro Internet Marketing LLC is moving its headquarters to the NuLu area in the beginning of 2020. 400 new jobs will be opening for residents. There are openings in sales, programming, and software engineers.

Tech enabled manufacturer of PatientTech LLC provides healthcare products. Mason County is the location for new product production. The facility is over 20,000 square feet and will require hiring 100 new workers.

Smart bed creator PatienTech is located in Maysville. Their production facility creates the components for each smart bed. Their products are sold to healthcare providers, sports facilities, and retail locations around the world.

MegaFit Meals LLC is building a new 16,000 square foot location in Benton. 50 new employees will be needed to create healthy meals. Their complete meal preparation products are shipped to consumers across the United States.

The State of Kentucky has invested a great deal into these employers to help improve job growth. These companies are expected to have continued profits and invest into the community. These new jobs coming to the State of Kentucky are expected to be filled sometime in 2020.