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McDonald’s to shift to cage-free eggs

Posted on Sep 9, 2015


McDonald’s said Wednesday that all eggs in its fast food in the U.S. and Canada will come from chickens that aren’t confined to cages.

The fast-food chain said the transition would occur over 10 years at nearly 16,000 restaurants.

The move comes as McDonald’s is trying to burnish its appeal to consumers who have gravitated to fast-casual competitors that peg their brands to sustainable, humane products.

“Our customers are increasingly interested in knowing more about their food and where it comes from,” McDonald’s USA President Mike Andres said in a statement. “Our decision to source only cage-free eggs reinforces the focus we place on food quality and our menu to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

McDonald’s currently buys about 2.12 billion eggs annually in the U.S. and Canada, including just 13 million cage-free eggs.

The shift to cage-free also comes as McDonald’s is expanding parts of its breakfast menu beyond the morning, making many products available at lunch and dinner.

That means customers will be consuming more eggs in the company’s popular Egg McMuffin and other breakfast sandwiches.

The move comes after McDonald’s announced earlier this year that by 2017 it would get chicken raised without antibiotics “important to human medicine.”