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Important Asian Countries To Keep Relations With

Posted on Jul 30, 2018

Building and maintaining peaceful and mutually beneficial relationships with countries all over the world is a key to long-term growth and success for any nation. In this increasingly interconnected world, and as the inevitability of globalization becomes clearer, the importance of these relationships are emphasized, as seen by organizations like the China-United States Exchange Foundation. One of the key areas of interest is, and always has been, Asia. Here some Asian countries that it is crucial to keep and maintain fruitful relationships with.

1 – China
China has, with the exception of the 19th and early 20th century, always been a massive world power. As one of the world’s earliest civilizations, China has sporadically dominated the Far East for a very long time. After numerous ups and downs, China has once again risen to become the dominant player in the region. As the world’s most populous country, commanding an enormous economy, it is obvious that China is a major player on the world stage. Because of its power, maintaining a positive relationship with China is key to success in the future.

2 – Japan
If Japan has taught us one thing over its complicated history, it is to not underestimate this small island nation. Time and time again, Japan has risen up past its stature and made long lasting impressions on the world. Its status as an economic powerhouse will likely not disappear anytime soon, so it is imperative to keep great relations with them.

3 – South Korea
Like Japan, South Korea went quickly from being a country ravaged by war to a central economic hub. There is even talk about South Korea eclipsing Japan in economic terms in the following decades. There is a feeling of innovation in South Korea at this time, as they are quickly becoming the go-to example of a technologically advanced Asian nation.

4 – Indonesia
Indonesia, with a large population of 270 million, is slated to become a trillion-dollar economy. It covers a massive geographical area, which makes it an important transportation hub. Indonesia is one of Asia’s rising powers, although many are not aware of this. It will be important to maintain fruitful relationships with this budding giant.

The 21st Century is said to become “The Asia Century”, and anyone who has spent considerable time in the region, or has studied the region will be apt to agree with this. Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with these countries is key to ensure a peaceful and prosperous future.