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IGY Expansion to Southern Florida Makes them Even Better

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

IGY Marinas was started back in 2005 under the guidance of Founder Andrew Farkas, and they acquire, service and also manage many different luxury yacht marinas. They also do this for the surrounding real estate properties. Their headquarters are located in Florida in Fort Lauderdale but they also have offices in New York City as well as St. Thomas.

Earlier in the year, IGY Marinas had announced that they are expanding in Florida. They are adding the new addition of One Island Park, which is located further South in the Miami Beach’s Terminal Island. This new location that they are starting is also a milestone for the company. This is the very first time that they will be offering any of their services to those located in South Florida.

Miami is currently one of the United States’ leading destinations for luxury yachts. This makes this new expansion a great business choice for IGY. Part of their networks also has one of United States’ largest private megayacht docks. This dock has the ability to accommodate vessels that are more than 730 feet. This, as well as five of their locations being able to accommodate vessels that are over 300 feet, makes them the top choice for megayachs on the Western Hemisphere.

The Miami location is soon going to become the new hotspot for many different superyacht owners, the ships captains and even the crew. In addition to the size accommodations as well as their award-winning service, they also are able to offer all of the electric requirements that make them suitable to house the world’s largest vessels. They also are able to provide the ships the ability to arrive and leave at will because they are exempt from the zone regulations. It also is one of the most secure marinas in Florida because it is not only located on a private beach but it is also right by the United States Coast Guard Station.

In addition to everything that they are able to offer, an exclusive yacht concierge as well as agent is located on site. They are able to provide the vessels with their support services. In addition to their secure location, it is also a prime location. They are right against the Miami skyline and also very close to Miami’s most popular attractions such as their dining, shopping and also their entertainment venues. The guests staying also have the option to enjoy many of Miami’s top events.