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How You Can Fund Real Estate Developments in Washington Successfully

Posted on Sep 29, 2016

If you want to venture in real estate development, having a reliable source of funds is the key to success. With the steep cost of land and the rising interest rates, acquiring prime property for development seems like a pipe-dream for many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, you can enjoy a vast array of resources to get you on the right track as you venture in the Frank Haney Washington real estate industry. With these resources, you can now develop some office blocks, shopping malls, and affordable housing with ease.

Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

REITs focus on investing in real estate properties that generate income and then consolidating the revenue to fund large projects. The tax benefits you enjoy by consolidating the portfolio to create a Mega project are immense. According to the famous real estate companies in Dc such as Lerners, Cafritzes, and Donohoes, REITs can help you to create a project that is cheaper and easier to manage.


Crowdfunding enables you to own several fractions of real estate properties. Crowdfunding allows you to gain credibility, especially if you are struggling to get loans from the mainstream financial institutions. This method of funding enables the DC real estate companies such as Carrs and Hitts to enjoy both short-term and long-term gains from their real estate investment portfolio.

Community Grants

There are plenty of organizations that provide funds to support the inception, implementation, and planning of real estate projects. If your project focuses on creating sustainable communities, you can get such grants from these federal organizations. If your master plan takes the needs of the communities seriously, you are likely to qualify for government bonds and community grants.

Sustainable development entails the implementation of special projects such as the business hubs and SME districts that guarantee employment to thousands of residents. In addition, you may also specialize in the revitalization of distressed neighborhoods and crime-prone areas. The community grants can also come in handy in your affordable housing initiatives, and development of adult or early childhood education facilities.

Local Government Loans

The government avails plenty of grants and loans through the local government offices. If you yearn to come up with projects that bolster the economic development and the potential for job creation, you are eligible for these loans. You can get the funds, machinery, equipment, or land for the development of such projects. If you are developing a shopping mall in the suburbs, you can apply for a local government loan to introduce the infrastructure and services that will benefit the public and open up the suburbs for further development.

As you can see, many development-funding vehicles exist in Washington, and their resources can help you venture into real estate and thrive easily. Yet, the best way to get the ideal financing strategies is to do your homework and choose the funding vehicles that work to your advantage.