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How to choose an Executive Recruiter in Washington DC.

Posted on Mar 1, 2017

So, there is a sudden opening in a high-end position in a particular company that needs to be filled with the perfect candidate. There is a file cabinet full of resumes, but the validity of them is in serious question. Advertising on a job-board could bring in less than qualified people with punched-up resumes. What do they do? They turn to an executive recruiting company. Commonly known as headhunters, executive recruiters seek out the best candidate for your company through a process of evaluations, references, and background checks that most companies either do not have time or means to carry out on their own.

In Washington DC., many positions involve sensitive issues, so companies will need an upstanding, trustworthy person. Executive Recruiters will run extensive background checks, ensuring that only the best candidates are presented. Many recruiters specialize in one field or another, but several of the larger firms have grown successfully through diversity. In order to select the best recruiter in the DC. area, you need to know a few things about them.

First, be sure they completely understand what your company needs, and especially what the position calls for. Leave nothing to chance. The more they know about the position they are tasked with filling, the better armed they are to find the right person.

Second, do your homework. Do not choose a firm based on media coverage or ad space. Loudest does not win in this field. Look into their placement record. Check out reviews of the firm. Have in-depth conversations with recruiters like Nels Olson. If they try to rush you or talk over you with feigned knowledge of what you are presenting, they are not for you.

Third, Trust yourself. If you have found a firm with a genuine grasp of your needs, and you feel confident, go with them. Just remember, patience is a virtue and a necessity in this process. Give them a reasonable amount of time to match your job with the best candidate. The right firm will keep you updated during the search.

While it would be impractical to list all the fantastic firms in the DC. area, try The McCormick group. In business since 1974, they serve a variety of businesses with an 8,000 placement success rate. Another great firm is JDG Associates started in 1973 with over 4,000 placements.

Both are outstanding in their field and have roots in Washington DC.