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How to Become a Private Art Collector in Miami

Posted on Jul 10, 2018

If you are a lover of art, you might want to consider collecting it as a hobby. Miami is a perfect area to start your new art collection and is also can be considered to be quite lucrative job. Becoming an art collector does take time and it’s not something that you can master in a few days. However, once you begin learning about your collection, it is rather easy to comprehend and move forward. To become a skilled art collector there are some things that you must take in consideration to be successful.


The first thing you want to do is become extremely knowledgeable about art overall. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to run to a university and collect a degree in art or art history to find success in Miami as an art collector. You can simply do your own research and improve your knowledge of the subject within a few hours of studying. This can amount to the average of information that someone with an art degree has today. You want to start with top line of different types of arts on the market currently.

Next you can move on to the individual artists and begin to studying their individual pieces. You will soon have a firm understanding of their concepts which is very crucial when it comes to being very successful in art collecting. You will have an inside on appraising pieces and making choices based off of verified facts. Your own taste and particular interests will probably influence your art collecting concepts. This is where the fun begins when it comes to collecting. You get to express your personality and follow your own individual passions.

Make Buddies

It is very beneficial when you start to form relationships and get to know art collectors in Miami. This can put you in the right position. When you connect with an expert they are already informed and understand the ropes of the art collecting business and possibly will share a few tips. There are well-known art events such as Art Belize Miami Beach. This gives you an opportunity to sharpen your skills and meet exquisite collectors. If possible, you may run into a celebrity. They are known for providing a lot of cash when it comes to great art collections. Past celebrity art collectors include George Lucas, Oprah, and Val Kilmer, though there are also well-known non-celebrity art collectors such as George Lindemann Jr.

Curb Your Interest

The art world has a list of different styles, artists, mediums and periods. It’s best to take your time and holding on to what specific interests in the collecting art world that can benefit your focus. Choosing a niche that is not mainstream, but ultimately helps you overtime and increase your collection. It won’t take long for you to be perceived as someone who has a collection that is interesting and valuable which will help you sell more art in the future.

The best advice is to do you research and understand completely the type of art collection you want to pursue.