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How Imaginative Methods are used to Acquire Real Estate

Posted on Jun 27, 2016

When it comes to the acquisition of new properties in real estate, there are a number of different methods that result in the acquisition of new properties. When dealing with government agencies, it helps to have a wide variety of properties available like Frank Haney since you have no idea what may sell; some buyers may be interested in office space while others may be interested in laboratories or living space. Some agencies are even interested in training spaces for a variety of different exercises. Of course, it can help to have a variety of different methods beyond just watching opening, auctions, and the occasional probate case.

In some cases acquiring property listings can be a little weird even if it ends up being a little prosaic. Some agencies engage in their equivalent of a “bake sale”: Their efficiency experts determine that they have too much property and that it is time to let things go. However, rather working through the system as normal, they sometimes ask aligned agencies first as they have already expressed interest but they require a real estate agent in order to facilitate the trade. By keeping a few government contacts a real estate agent can be kept in the loop and on the speed dial when agencies require assistance in such matters.

In any situation that involves money there will always be the high-rollers. Some rich people enjoy gambling and there is always the possibility of winning big. However, there is also the possibility of losing big as well. When that happens people always look for quick income and sometimes that means a short sell is required. In some a simple transfer of property is needed, but liquidation is the usual problem. By creating contacts with a few high-rollers and maintaining those contacts gives the real estate some interesting possibilities for some quick profits.

In some cases parallel interests make for some interesting bedfellows in a political town. DC has a unique situation: Every two years there is a group of people leaving and another group entering the area. This means that there is a lot of property that changes hands, either as sales or rentals. However, those people are looking for a lot more than just four walls; they are looking for homes. As such, a real estate agent that is allied with interior decorators will attract a lot of customers with dependable business: He is not only able to sell the property but can also style it as needed for either a buyer or a renter. That makes for a valuable asset in a town where people are looking for temporary homes. By being a little more creative than others and maintaining contacts, a real estate agent can stay in demand, and that is always a good thing for business.