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How DC executive head hunters find leaders

Posted on Sep 9, 2015

There is no question that Nels Olsen and other executive head hunters have an extremely difficult job, which is almost more of an art form, as there is a ton of skill that is involved in deciphering through potential candidates and selecting one that has a high chance of succeeding in any given position. Executive head hunters have the daunting task of filling various positions which can greatly affect the overall success of a company and there are a ton of things that they have to understand and be well versed at if they want to be successful at this type of job.

First and foremost they are going to have to understand the company and how the individual parts function to make the entire business run smoothly. When an executive leaves for any reason, they are going to have to find a suitable replacement, in the form of a person that possesses the same strong qualities that made the past executive successful at their position, as well as attempting to avoid and pitfalls that they possessed as well. The understanding factor of this is critical, as they will need to find someone that fits into the glove perfectly, but you can easily say that this is the easier aspect of the job. Knowing the position is one thing, but finding a person to fit the bill is another job in itself. Although it may be tempting for some of these head hunters to simply go out and select someone that has the best resume, personality traits and a ton of other factors come into play in these top ranking positions in companies and everything has to be carefully considered.

Most of the time these head hunters will talk to a ton of different contacts and seek out people through word of mouth, through networking. In the business world, especially in major areas like Washington DC, there is a strong network of professional individuals that are connected to each other in one way or another. It is through these means that most head hunters find potential people to fill executive positions, but this is really the introductory phase of the process. Once they have a list of some potential executives, they then contact them and set up various meetings to assess their strengths and weaknesses, which ends up being a very lengthy process in which the executive head hunter has to make a lot of very calculated decisions.