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Funding government property development

Posted on Jan 27, 2016

The capital of the United States was first located in Pennsylvania, but a problem with security forced the move to Washington D.C. Here an iconic city became the home and the machine for the U.S. Government. Washington D.C. or just call it the district. It is small, 68 square miles, but contains federal buildings, monuments, houses of the congress and of the president and of the country’s representatives, museums and art treasures whose value is beyond measure.

Many government workers live across the Potomac in Alexandria, Virginia. There in Alexandria real estate is valued at prices far beyond most families’ pocketbooks.
Someone lucky enough to live and work in this area can enjoy a city rich with not only federal treasures in the various national monuments, but natural treasures as well. The Potomac River and adjoining Chesapeake Bay are a boater’s playground.

There are many reasons to want to live in the district, but how can you find properties to buy or rent. Luckily there is a marketplace for those seeking to live in the district. Whether renting, buying or finding an attractive lease/option arrangement, there are options available. The best plan of attack when buying any real estate, and especially in the district, is to, thoroughly, know the market and more importantly to physically know the district itself. The good news is that the district is small, but you will still need the expert advise of Frank L. Haney who specializes building in D.C. properties. The renter/buyer will find that they are not alone in their search for housing in this tiny area and must thoroughly search out areas to discover which appeals to one’s lifestyle.

In a small congested area, like D.C., public transportation may be the only option for the person newly employed for government service. But the D.C. area has an excellent Metro system as well as bus and cab service. The physically fit and adventurous may want to try biking around the various areas of D.C. and Georgetown where available bike paths make cycling much faster than driving through very congested traffic areas.To find the perfect house or apartment for yourself or for investment contact those whose services are located in the D.C. area. Do your leg work first and narrow your target search area and then you will come to realize where your special place in D.C. is located.