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From Bad to Better: How to Improve the U.S.-China Relationship

Posted on Dec 6, 2018

It is no surprise that the relationship between China and the United States of America and their diplomatic powers has been tensing in recent months. A flurry of trade negotiations and threats have brought both parties into a trade conflict. The good news is that this conflict of political and trade opinion actually has the potential to bring these two economic super powers into a better trade relationship than they have already had in the past. There is also the potential for things to spiral in the opposite direction as well, but it appears, at least for now, that the trade relationship may be moving into the right direction something you can keep up with on CUSEF’s Twitter.

The Future of Trade between China and USA

The next sixty days are going to be extremely important for both parties, especially China, considering the fact that the tariffs are temporarily disabled to allow good faith negotiations between the two countries. This cease-fire in trade tariffs will allow the two countries to negotiate with leverage so that they can come to an agreement before the end of the cease-fire of tariffs.

As of now, both countries should be cautiously optimistic about the prospects of an agreement, and it seems imperative that one will eventually be signed into effect. This is a great opportunity for two of the world’s largest economies to grow rapidly if this trade deal is made official. President Trump and President Xi expressed positive remarks towards the prospects of a trade agreement between the two countries, but political statements are one thing, and a signed trade agreement is another. Time will tell whether this trade agreement has the potential to improve the U.S. – China relationship, but we are at an optimistic point in time between these two countries.