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Find Your New Home at The Anthem House

Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Any person who is currently interested in a rental apartment should check out Anthem House, which is the new center of attention at Locust Point, Baltimore. The former industrial park has been transformed and now hosts a magnificent piece of architecture that anyone would desire to rent. The facility is already complete and is welcoming new residents, especially those interested in first-class facilities and affordable apartments.

Scott Plank (, the founder of War Horse Cities, the developer behind the state art facility, noted that he is excited to have undertaken one of the standout projects in the city of Baltimore. Scott expects that the project will remain as the cornerstone and motivation for other upcoming architectural projects in this region. The state of the art apartment happens to have been built in an area that hosts one of the largest growing and expanding brand, Under Armor, in the United States.

• Why Rent at Locust Point
Renting an apartment in this area places a person in the center of American history. Locus Point’s Fort McHenry is known as the origin of the United States National Anthem. Therefore, living in Baltimore is an essential aspect to any person who is interested and proud of the United States history.

• Location of Anthem Apartments
Anthem House is located near Baltimore Inner Harbor, which means that it will provide any person with a 360-degree view of the harbor. Towering forty feet above the ground, Anthem House will give the best view of the city of Baltimore and other facilities that might be of importance to any person living in this region. The apartment will also be the best residential place for the increasing number of employees at Under Armor, which has now become a global brand.

• Why Anthem House Apartments
Anthem House has not only been made to provide residential places for communities, but it has also been made to improve the lives of the individuals living in the apartment. The facility has a state of the art fitness facility, which will give individuals a chance to enhance their fitness and overall well-being.

Besides the state of the art fitness space, there are other vital aspects to enjoy at Anthem House such as 20,000 feet retail space where community members can enjoy some food products to fuel their busy days at work. Other important aspects in this facility include a grilling station, fireplaces, sundeck, and private infinity pool among others.