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Family-owned real Estates development companies Washington DC.

Posted on May 23, 2017

Real estate development is a business process that includes activities such buying, selling, and leasing buildings to earn money. They also acquire new land to build new structures, which are later sold or leased. Family owned real estate developing companies are mutually owned organization that are governed by oral and written agreements that govern the board. In Washington DC, the family real estate companies such as Frank Haney have contributed a lot in building and developing government real estates. They have built houses, offices and apartments.

In Washington DC, there are various family owned companies that are well known for their excellent jobs they provide in the real estate industry. Some of the companies are Frank Haney, JBG Constructions, Clark construction, Buchanan Partners and Douglas Development Corporation. The JBG deals with the residential retails, offices and hotel projects. The projects that they have developed are central place residential and 4747 Bethesda. Frank Haney is a family owned multi-faceted real estate and property Development Company. It was established on 1967; they built the portals office complex and the federal communication commission office. Clark Construction Company is the most known company all over the country. They designed and built the US coast Guard Headquarters lastly is the Douglas Company that is owned privately, it was established in 1985 by Douglas Jamal.

Some of the celebrities that have been involved in the real estate’s development companies are Elizabeth Taylor, Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson and JFK.the importance of the family-owned real estates are; it is a stable investment, you can renovate your structures if they are not for sale, you get to improve your financial know how, you get taxation benefits as the structures may have a depreciation, you can subdivide, you can develop, you have high returns of rent as one may increase the rent overtime.

In conclusion real estates has a great importance in Washington DC. As most people are buying their houses from real estates, thereby they make a lot of profits. In our day to day life we should adopt the system of Family-owned real estate’s development companies and try to get diversified to other part of the world that are still developing.