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Family-Owned Real Estate Development Companies in Washington DC

Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Washington DC has a number of excellent real estate development companies that are family-owned. These companies have made significant contributions to the creation of the character of the district as we know it today. And they continue to make great contributions to Washington DC’s growth and development. The ideas they incorporate into their development work include green building techniques, improved energy efficiency, water conservation, the use of safe, biodegradable materials and other forward-looking construction elements found in the Washington DC area.

Companies like Frank Haney, JBG Construction Management and Buchanan Partners are just a few in a long line of family-owned real estate development companies that have made their mark in Washington DC. These companies have managed over $1 billion in real estate development project in the area in the last few years. Their highly-skilled, experienced staffs construct and develop a wide range of commercial and residential properties. They have completed many world-class public, private and governmental projects that serve both locals like Dave Chappelle and visitors and help to define Washington DC today.

These companies bring a level of expertise and innovation that’s helped to make Washington DC unique. Their expertise in land use and understanding and experience with construction projects both large and small has earned them worldwide respect and benefit the people that live and do business in the area. Their groundbreaking innovations focus not only on the comfort and functionality of the buildings, but on safety, efficiency and environmental conservation as well. They also make it a point to employ local contractors that are an integral part of the community.

Lerner Enterprises is a family-owned real estate development company that’s been working in the Washington DC area since 1952. They are one of Greater Metropolitan Washington DC’s largest private developers. They provide a wide range of real estate development services. They include planning, construction, and leasing as well as property and asset management.

Over their more than six decades in existence their diverse portfolio of valued, successful projects includes commercial and retail spaces covering over 20 million square feet. They have also built more than 7,000 apartment units and over 22,000 private homes. They’ve done award-wining projects like Dulles Town Center, the District of Columbia’s Washington Square, The Corporate Office Centre located at Tysons II and numerous other wonderful places people Goldie Hawn, Stephen Colbert and Maury Povich work, live and play in the Washington DC area.