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Cunningham Energy Plans to Expand in West Virginia

Posted on Jan 19, 2016

West Virginia’s Kanawha County is going to be able to add many new jobs when private energy company, Cunningham Energy ( expands its work into the area with two new horizontal oil wells.

Headquartered in Charleston, Cunningham Energy has been very successful in drilling and extracting oil throughout West Virginia using a variety of innovative techniques such as hydraulic fracturing.

The new horizontal oil wells are going to be drilled using a much better technique that is going to make it easier to open the well. The wells are going to bring a lot of revenue to the state, and the company is going to be able to expand its operations even more if the oil wells are going to work well.

Along with the new technology that Cunningham Energy will bring into the area, the company will be providing new job opportunities to Kanawha County residents. There are going to be many people who are going to have to get an education in chemical engineering, and these people are going to help the area grow. The area is going to grow because of Cunningham Energy, and the whole area is going to see an economic boost because of it.