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Cunningham Accepts Leadership Position in New Partnership

Posted on Mar 24, 2015

Cunningham Accepts Leadership Position in New Partnership

Marzcorp Oil & Gas Inc. recently announced that Ryan Cunningham of Cunningham Energy, an independent oil company based in West Virginia, will oversee the upcoming drilling and production activities of Marzcorp. The two leading oil companies are already drilling partners for the 935,000 acre Quebec Prospect–though Marzcorp is based near there and Cunningham in West Virginia–making the partnership successful.

Currently, Ryan Cunningham serves as president and operational partner of Cunningham Energy–gas-inc-appoints-experienced-oil-and-gas-operator-as-chief-operating-officer-168442966.html  (and now Chief Operating Officer of Marzcorp). He consistently uses strategic partnerships and development to move his oil business forward.

Ryan Cunningham was an excellent choice to oversee this new relationship due to his in-depth knowledge and background in the field. Not only did he graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy but he also has first-hand experience through his family’s long-time involvement in the industry.

Mr. Cunningham’s company partnerships go beyond just Marzcorp. He also has partnerships, serving as operation director, for MCP Petroleum and Raven Ridge Energy, LLC Marzcorp is in good company with its recent expansion and new leadership.