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Companies As Responsive Employers (CARE) Awards

Posted on Oct 16, 2017

Companies As Responsive Employers (CARE) Awards
CARE Awards Recognize Outstanding Businesses

Each year the Northern Virginia Family Service recognizes businesses that emphasize a work and home balance. All too often we see the stresses of work overflow into the home life of employees and put a genuine strain on the relationships that have been built up for years. We would like to spotlight four of the twenty-five businesses that have received CARE awards this year to show that their continued support of their employees is positively impacting the surrounding communities:

  • Business Benefits Group
  • Consumer Technology Association
  • Merritt Group
  • SourceAmerica

Business Benefits Group

Business Benefits Groups works with companies to be sure that the employees realize the full value of all of the benefits offered to them. BBG goes above and beyond to explain complicated subjects to employees such as their insurance plans or retirement plans and gives them all of the necessary information so that they can make the most informed decisions possible.

Consumer Technology Association

Consumer Technology Association is a group who helps to advocate for up and coming entrepreneurs who are working hard to break into the technology sector. Often times the legislative and bureaucratic obstacles that these potential new business owners face are too great of a challenge to overcome and the business has ended before it’s even begun. CTA helps these individuals navigate the rough waters of starting a new business so their dreams can be realized.

Merritt Group

Merritt Group seeks to help up and coming business with their marketing and public relations strategies. All too often a company has a truly revolutionary idea or product but unfortunately, they fail to properly get the word out and their brilliance goes unnoticed. Merritt Group makes sure the stars of the business world shine and gets the respect their innovative solution deserves.


SourceAmerica is a staffing agency that seeks to match businesses with capable workers with disabilities. SourceAmerica believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to work and they are more than happy to provide this opportunity for thousands of individuals year after year. SourceAmerica find companies who have specialized jobs that can be effectively completed by those who have disabilities and matches the two parties together so everybody wins.

All four of these companies have recognized the overwhelming value of each and every one of their employees and seek to treat them with the respects they deserve and allow them to maintain a better work and home balance.