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European Shopping Mall Giant Buys Westfield Group

Posted on Jan 2, 2018

The rise of vacancy rates has brought together two of the largest shopping mall operators in the world. It was recently announced that Unibail Rodamco agreed to buy Westfield Group, for $16 billion in cash and stocks. This announcement came in December 2017. Mr. Peter Lowy, the current co-CEO, and son of the founder, commented in a recent podcast, that the company executives of both companies have had a long-standing relationship. His father, Frank Lowy spoke about the acquisition. “Why now? Why now because it is appropriate to do it now,” he said.

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A New Leading Propery Management Company Is The Creation Of A Merger

Posted on Oct 20, 2017

The U.S. Residential Group LLC is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners under CEO Andrew Farkas, and a management company providing multi-housing communities affordable housing. They have announced their operations will be combined with Resource Residential, following their acquisition of Resource America. The new company will be managing more than 200 properties in almost thirty […]

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Family-owned real Estates development companies Washington DC.

Posted on May 23, 2017

In Washington DC, the family real estate companies such as Frank Haney have contributed a lot in building and developing government real estates. They have built houses, offices and apartments.

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Government Buildings by Family-Owned DC Real Estate Development Companies

Posted on Mar 29, 2017

The following includes some of the family-owned real estate development companies that are approved by the government of Washington DC:

1. Frank Haney Company- it’s a multi-faceted real estate development company that was established in 1967. They have built impressive development portfolio that’s worth approximately $10 billion.

2. Buchanan Partners- they are experts in residential and commercial real estate that use beneficial and green initiatives.

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Popular Trends in Real Estate Investment (2017)

Posted on Jan 13, 2017

Let’s look at trends in real estate investing for 2017. What do investors foresee happening? What are some of the trends that may be on the move with real estate? It’s difficult to predict the market, but we can also make some guesses as to what will be up and coming in the new year. […]

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Resource America Is Acquired by C-III Capital Partners LLC

Posted on Dec 6, 2016

Capital Partners is a company specializing in investments in the field of commercial real estate. They have added Resource America to their holdings as of September of 2016, and their stock will no longer be available. Their stockholders will share $207 million dollars. Each share has a value of $9.78. The CEO of Capital is […]

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