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From Bad to Better: How to Improve the U.S.-China Relationship

Posted on Dec 6, 2018

It is no surprise that the relationship between China and the United States of America and their diplomatic powers has been tensing in recent months. A flurry of trade negotiations and threats have brought both parties into a trade conflict. The good news is that this conflict of political and trade opinion actually has the […]

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The U.S. and China: Necessary Allies

Posted on Dec 6, 2018

Being the regional powers in their respective areas, both countries have considerable economic and political hegemony. This makes their relationship all the more important as that relationship impacts not just the U.S and China, but the entire world at large, something the organization CUSEF strongly supports bettering. United States – The Global Superpower The U.S […]

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CEO’s: The negatives effects of midterms on business

Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Business doesn’t care about politics, sounds strange, doesn’t it? Contrary to popular belief, many business executives hate working during any election cycles, midterms or presidential alike. However, to say that politics doesn’t play an important in the role in the decisions of executives and CEO’s would be a very ignorant thing to proclaim, in fact, […]

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Find Your New Home at The Anthem House

Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Scott Plank (, the founder of War Horse Cities, the developer behind the state art facility, noted that he is excited to have undertaken one of the standout projects in the city of Baltimore.

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Binding a Positive Relationship Between the U.S. and China

Posted on Nov 14, 2018

The relationship between the United States and China has recently been on fairly shaky grounds. Both countries are implementing punitive tariffs in order to punish the other side as well as taking more aggressive positions. It is important to bind the relationship between the United States and China in a variety of different ways. Here […]

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A New Era of U.S. and China Relations

Posted on Oct 4, 2018

Since the presidential election of 2016 and the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the United States has had a bit of a shake-up in its foreign relations department. President Trump has had positive, favorable meetings with some unusual world leaders and some negative, unfavorable meetings with some of the United States’ most well-known allies. Whether […]

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