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Camana Bay Town Centre Hosts Slow Food Day

Posted on Jul 25, 2018

The Seventh Annual Slow Food Day in Camana Bay occurred on Saturday, April 14th in Camana Bay. This annual event features daylong events celebrating cuisines from local farmers and chefs. In addition to hosting popular annual events, Camana Bay also offers dining and shopping. This establishment is the result of Kenneth Dart’s vision of creating the most desired town in the Caribbean.


Events that occurred during this year’s Slow Food Day were the Farm-to-Table Tasting Market, the Food Revolution Kids’ Seed2Plate Workshop, Slow Food Lunch with Jack Barwick and the Harvest Dinner. The first event featured local Cayman chefs who cooked and offered unique cuisines straight from their farms.


The second and third events were centered around Cayman’s youth. The second event, the Food Revolution Kids’ Seed2Plate Workshop, had children between the ages of eight and 12 form groups and cook a meal with varying ingredients presented to them in a basket. In the third event, U.K. Young Chef of the Year 2017 Jack Barwick led a cooking class that fused Indian cuisine with local Cayman ingredients.


The fourth and final event, the Harvest Dinner, celebrated Camana Bay’s newest restaurant, Pani Indian Kitchen. During this event, Jack Barwick cooked with chefs from this restaurant to create Indian dishes with a Cayman twist.


Hundreds of people flocked to Camana Bay to attend this yearly event. Built by Dart Real Estate, which is owned by Ken Dart, Camana Bay is a popular destination for locals and visitors.