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Baltimore City Introduces New Projects – Redesign of Hollins Market by Scott Plank

Posted on Aug 7, 2018

War Horse Cities Community Development Corporation, led by CEO Scott Plank (, has plans to upgrade the old Hollins Market building in Baltimore located near the B & O Railroad Museum. Plank owns the successful Belvedere Square development and wants to create something like Belvedere Square with this new project to renovate the Hollins Market.

The redevelopment of Hollins Market is the focal point of the exciting transformation of the surrounding area. There are new residential spaces already constructed by War Horse Cities, which are located close to the market and are available for sale.

Baltimore is undergoing significant redevelopment efforts that are encouraged by the potential of obtaining Maryland State bond financing for such projects. The state bond funds are not part of the state’s general budget. They must be introduced as a special-funding bill proposal with the approval of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee and the House Appropriations Committee.

The plans for the redevelopments of Baltimore are being made to support economic growth, create jobs, lower poverty, and reduce crime. The city of Baltimore sent a delegation to the Maryland State Assembly with its proposal for many exciting projects in Baltimore.

The plans for the renovation of Hollins Market include:

  • A contemporary design with outdoor areas for community events, concerts, and movies.
  • A farmer’s market.
  • Large windows to let in lots of sunlight with plenty of seating areas in a comfortable, climate-controlled, interior space.
  • Retail stores for 21 vendors.
  • Places to socialize with the neighbors from the area.

About Scott Plank
Mr. Plank’s career in commercial real estate is very successful. He is the CEO of War Horse Cities. He was selected in May 2018 to be on the list prepared by Business Journals of the top 100 Commercial Real Estate Influencers. This list recognizes the most notable executives that are working in commercial real estate in the United States. Plank is in the top 100, based on the news coverage about the American commercial real estate market published in over 40 industry reports that include the Baltimore Business Journal.