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Annual Sun Valley Finance Conference

Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Annual Sun Valley Finance Conference

Herb Allen started in 1922 Allen & Company which is today an investment company considered important because of their aid in getting major media companies started by assisting them with investment funds, and financial and business advice. Google, Discovery Communications, and even Coca-Cola Corporation might not be where they are today without them. They are said to also fund many entertainment industry deals.

Every year since 1983, the investment company has held the Sun Valley Finance Conference. This week long conference considered a summer camp for the powerful and wealthy, is always held in Sun Valley, Idaho, and is always hosted and paid for by Allen & Company. Some of the most successful business and influential people of the United States attend the conference, including rich and powerful Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren and Susan Buffet, the founders of Google and Google CEOs, Yahoo! co-founder Jerry Yang, and even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The incredible mix of attendees also include major political figures like John Kerry, and also many media moguls come as well.

The conference is held at one end of the large Idaho resort limiting access to only those who are on the guest list. Because of the important people attending, as you can imagine, the security present is very tight. Large white fences and tall potted plants are placed to restrict views from prying eyes, and little warning is given when areas are shut down for the conference’s use. Some of the swimming pools and the Duchin bar at the resort have been closed down for use only by the guests to ensure privacy. Reporters are also limited.

The topics of discussion at the conference often have nothing to do with what most people would expect. Education, politics and national service have come up more frequently, though much of what gets talked about is kept very private. Net neutrality has obviously been mentioned, due to its importance to many of those present. Members of the armed forces have started discussions concerning the Middle East, and what needs to be done there. The majority of talks are kept away from the public as much as possible.