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A New Leading Propery Management Company Is The Creation Of A Merger

Posted on Oct 20, 2017

The U.S. Residential Group LLC is a subsidiary of C-III Capital Partners under CEO Andrew Farkas, and a management company providing multi-housing communities affordable housing. They have announced their operations will be combined with Resource Residential, following their acquisition of Resource America. The new company will be managing more than 200 properties in almost thirty states, with a total of roughly 43,000 units. They have more than 1,100 employees, and are ranked as one of the United States top management companies for properties.

The industry experience of the executive management team is extensive, and covers every aspect of operations, and client services. As the President of US Residential, Stephanie Brock is leading the management team. She is a veteran in the industry, and has more than three decades of multifamily expertise. The team includes the Chief Administrative Officer, Kelli Tomczak, the Chief People Officer, Caydee McCormick, and the former Chief Executive Officer, and current Executive Vice President, Mark Poston. The skillset of these individuals is diverse, and able to deliver clients outstanding results, and further leadership within the industry.

The combination of Resource Residential, and US Residential brings together the best of both companies, property management capable of great diversity, and customized solutions encompassing lease-ups, redevelopment, construction management, and property management. Local experts deliver these services throughout the United States markets in which they operate.

As the President of US Residential, Stephanie Brock feels the business combination is a milestone in the transformation of both organizations. She is looking forward to the collective harnessing of power, and talent in the creation of exceptional experiences for their residents, clients, and associates. They have expanded their footprint geographically, incorporated a new platform, and their solutions regarding property management will be available to a wider variety of clients. They can meet the needs of their clients from coast to coast, in leasing, marketing, high-rise garden apartments, and property repositioning. The positioning of US Residential is perfect for growth through affiliate investment management, third-party management contracts, affiliate investment management businesses at both C-III Capital Partners, and Resource Real Estate.

The US Residential Group LLC has effectively combined the expertise, and talents of professionals from across the countries different regions. Their key employees are highly experienced and have previously been responsible for the management of more than 100,000 apartment units. Their dedication is with the clientele of private real estate investors, public agencies, non-profits, public companies, and pension funds.